Add a Vertical Favorites Plugin to Firefox

Have you ever desired a straight favorites plugin instead of a horizontally one? Then consider your wish provided with the Vertical Bookmarks Toolbar expansion for Chrome.


Here is our frequent horizontally “Bookmarks Toolbar”…not bad, but how about something different?

Once you have set up the expansion and re-booted Chrome, you will see two elements immediately… First, the frequent “Bookmarks Toolbar” has vanished. Second, take a near look at the eventually left part of your browser…see that awesome retractable sidebar awaiting you?
With a easy press of your rabbit your new “Vertical Bookmarks Toolbar” seems to be and is willing to go.

Note: You can quickly modify the size of the plugin to best fit your individual choices.

If you choose that you would like to do a little bit of remodelling to your new “Vertical Bookmarks Toolbar”, these are the alternatives that are available.

You can quickly swap the plugin to the right part of your technique, choose which function (closed, started out, or past state) that you want your plugin to start in, allow or turn off auto-hiding, and set customized deadlines for your auto-hiding and starting alternatives.
Vertical Bookmarks Toolbar in Action

To accessibility your favorites press on the file to see the person favorites and then choose the one that you would like to start.

Note: Personal favorites not in files start instantly when visited on.
 And just like that you are willing to savor all of that “Vertical Bookmarks Toolbar” benefits.

If you have a widescreen and are seeking to restore some additional straight real-estate, then the Vertical Bookmarks Toolbar just might be the expansion that you have been awaiting.


Download the Vertical Bookmarks Toolbar expansion (Mozilla Add-ons)

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